About Us

Montclair 10,000 LLC is a recently launched small family, female and minority owned company headquartered in the Montclair District of Oakland, California. We were introduced to the game and immediately found it entertaining and engaging. As we introduced our family and close friends to it, we began to modify the original rules to increase the challenge and enhance the fun factor. For example, a rule was added in response to playing on a counter top (No Sloppy Dice). The most challenging rule is to hit 10,000 exactly, NOT as easy as it sounds!

Our goal is to introduce Montclair 10,000 to the tabletop game marketplace. After more than 10,000 hours of playing time, we believe that there is a place for this high-quality, fun and challenging dice game.

During this time of family quarantine and social distancing, Montclair 10,000 can be played via various web conferencing services such as, Facetime, Zoom, WebEx, & others.